William kesling

Copy of Serverless



Client: Serverless

Created at: Focus Lab

Medium: Motion Bumper, Promo Video, Sound Design

Application: Animation, Videography

Contributors: Alicja Colon / Chase Turberville



Serverless is a company that creates a toolkit for deploying and operating serverless architectures. I worked on a logo animation for their new branding.

This process led the Focus Lab team and I to push the concept of breaking the norm by creating a promotion video as well. For the video we filmed a plexi glass sheet being spray painted in hopes to capture the dripping paint. We took the footage and applied it over the promotional video. The photos to the right show a glimpse of the process. 

ALL_DRIBB copy.gif

Motion Design

The client was interested in motion design for use of a bumper for their videos and social sharing. We walked them through a three week process that went over style frames, mood boards and storyboards. In the end we worked to convey professionalism through simplicity and 3D space. The final bumper is shown below as well with some of the process.



We start by discussing with the client and finding out what they are looking for, where they will use it, and how they will implement the motion design. From there the team and I get together to concept around the possibilities. The ideas move to the creation of a mood board and initial sketches as shown below.

Comp 1_1.gif


While creating motion there are alway alternate versions and further exploration that end up in the creative graveyard. Although these didn't make the cut, they still show the process of creation.