William kesling

Super Buffet


Super Buffet

Client: Personal

Medium: Motion Design / Videography

Application: Promotion


The Story

Super Buffet is a musical production that evolved throughout a year and a half span. The project incorporated seven producers, three features, three music videos, and a design system that adding up to a 15 track album with a 40 minute run time. The purpose was to create a collaborative body of work that was not only consistent but provided an engaging-relatable experience. Personally working with the producers on direction helped define a tone that was carried out from beginning to end of the project. Just as a buffet usually has multiple cuisines from different cultures and regions, Super Buffet had multiple producers and production locations spanning from California, Indiana, and Savannah. It was a project that incorporate Writing, Direction, Music, Branding, Video Production / Editing, and Branding.

Producers / Features : 

  1. @dee_em

  2. @goodoj

  3. @zotowski

  4. @yourfavoriteson

  5. @dj_keesh

  6. @thnxmusic