William kesling

Welcome to the WILKES site


Cliché arn’t all that bad.

This, right here, is an opportunity I don’t want to pass up, and writing this is like walking up to that girl across the room being speechless. You want to say some much, but you know the night is young, and you can tell her friends already don’t like you — which means you only have one shot. Similar to Eminem’s song, Lose Yourself - a song I grew up with as a child — the only song, to this day, that I’ve actually memorized — I can thank my mother, who would play it 100 + times in the car, for that one.

But you only get one shot at that first impression, and I’m much better looking in person, so to do this over a written message, well it’s limiting to say the least. So that’s why I lead you here, my site. The Willkes site, that hosts all of my work, well most of it, so feel free to look around, because that should speak more to my work than me speaking to it here, in this written message — where I’d attempt to tell you how much of a creative I am. But don’t get me wrong, I strive for excellence in everything I do, and I’ll put in the work to make everything I touch top notch, but to say I’m a creative is cliché — however I once heard Mike Anderson say, cliché aren’t that bad, and I’m running with that right here. I’ve been creating every day sense I was a young kid in LaPorte, Indiana. But all those ‘creative’ hours put me in the position to become a designer that’s built an entire department at one of the best studios in the states, Focus Lab, as well as teach classes on motion design, and design, while art directing an installation, and directing and managing project for clients on every coast. It’s a true cliché to say that hard work pays off, but it does, and consistency is the father of learning. I strive to find happiness and intention in all that I do, and constantly reminding myself of this has help influence not only my life, my work, but also all of those around me that I’ve either met or worked with. Engery is contagious, and to be in a directors roll you need to have that, ‘happy, intentional, energy’ because we’re all in this together.