William kesling





Client: Personal

Medium: Drone Videography / Motion

Sound Design: Michael ponticello

Type Design: Chase Turberville

Colorist: Jacob McKee


The story

In 1996 I took a trip across the West Coast in an RV when I was too young to remember, only three. I was with my entire family, and the one thing I remeber besides laughing till I couldn’t breathe, and the silent game, was the view. My mom took shotgun and managed navigation while my dad drove. It took one month and we hit thirteen states. On June 2nd, 2015, I decided to drive the southern route from Georgia to California with three friends. Three months after I returned to Georgia, this time taking the northern route. I didn’t plan, nor realize at first, that this drive was practically the same roadtrip I had done years ago. I began to understand that the landscape hadn’t changed. The pure beauty of undeveloped land surrounding me as I drove provided a sense of comfort I’d never appreciated before. I realized on that trip that I wanted to share that sense of comfort. I wanted to share glimpses that might change others for the better too, reflecting a landscape that stands the test of time and human influence.



Sound Design

Credit: Michael Ponticello

Mastering: C. David Ray



Credit: Jacob Mckee



Credits: Chase Turberville