William kesling
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Time is a curious thing

Client: Komono

Created at: Focus Lab for Spec Work

Medium: Brand Narrative, Promotional Film, Sound Design,

Application: Anthem Film


  1. Lauren Davis : Assistant Director, Stylist, Photographer 

  2. Chase Turberville : Type Designer 

  3. Savannah James Lacroix : French Voiceover

  4. Caleb Davis : Grip

  5. Devin Richards : Grip

  6. William Kesling : Director / Editor / Sound Designer



Komono was founded by Belgian designers Anton Janssens and Raf Maes, and is the perfect blend of vision and timing. Through Focus Lab we worked to create a series of works that were spec work driven, and Komono was the first project to kick off that endeavor. Our objective for pushing spec work was to better support, and curate Focus Lab’s portfolio to attract more B to C clients. We approached the Komono project with many restriction that culminated down to two : Time and Budget. We used these restrictions to challenge us within our creative space.

We knew we wanted this film to have a broad storyline that was influenced and driven by a French voiceover accompanied by a melodic undertone score — which we created in house. We also wanted to write a script that referenced back to our initial prompt, ‘Time is a Curious Thing’. We built and casted our own molds and shot and lit everything in-house.

Below we go through our visual process, and added details shots

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