William kesling




Client: Uplevel

Created at: Focus Lab

Medium: Motion Design, Promo Film

Application: Web Promotion


  1. Sono Cactus : Sound Design

  2. Clea Hernandez : Writer

  3. Chase Turberville : Brand Designer

  4. William Kesling : Director / Animator / Designer


Mood / Process

Uplevel offers a yearly strategy and teaching plan for teachers to walk students through an innovative new age way of learning. They were in need of a promotional video that would capture the attention of their demographic while being informative enough to entice the viewer to purchase their product. 

We started by creating guidelines that the video would follow, as well as a style board. While the style was being fleshed out, the team and Clea Hernandez worked on writing the script that the video would follow. 


Sketch to Digital

The video was initially sketched out and storyboarded. After multiple revisions I took the sketches and created digital versions that gave the client a better idea of the style and what the final results would look like.



For the delivery of the video we created motion guidelines for the client to follow for future work. We wanted to show how to identify different characters' with their respective moments. We also wanted to illustrate what texture was used, and the suggested percentages that should be applied.